Our book group is very special! We meet each month at the Chawton House Library. This is a library dedicated to early English womenís writing, and our book book group follows this theme. We have looked at the works of many authors from the period of 1620-1820, a time when there were an amazing number of women writers and when the novel really came into being. Some of our authors are still well known today like Jane Austen, Fanny Burney and Mary Wollstonecraft. Many are almost forgotten, but all were best sellers in their day and reading their works gives us a fascinating insight into history and the evolution of the novel.

Despite the special focus of our book group, we are not at all an academic group but just an ordinary collection of readers with a real interest in history, womenís writing, and experiencing something outside our normal reading habits.

Our conversation is always lively, and every meeting features tea, coffee and cake. We hold our meetings at Chawton House, which is based in the village of Chawton in Alton where Jane Austen spent her happiest writing years. In fact Chawton House itself belonged to Jane Austenís brother, and she visited the house regularly. It is a wonderful atmosphere for a book group like this!

New members are always welcome. There is no joining fee, though please bring along £3 for tea coffee and cake. Just check the next monthís book and date on the home page and turn up at 2pm. You will be made very welcome.

For information regarding the group or the website, please email us at webmaster@chawtonbookgroup.co.uk
or click here: Chawton Book Group.